Day 7/30

Day 7/30 – 48 mins, 2.5 miles.  

Watched – Gray’s Anatomy.   Actually, realized when I was done that there was another episode before it that I hadn’t watched.  I guess that’s on for tomorrow!  🙂

Plus we did a quick zoo trip today which is usually about 1.5 miles of strolling.  Didn’t get “Nice and Sweaty,”  but did get “Nice and Frustrated.”

There’s a mom in Middle Man’s class that is just super frustrating.  Middle Man doesn’t really like her son, maybe the hitting, piling on, peeing on his head have something to do with that.  But her husband was deployed 3 weeks ago and will be gone for about a year and she’s at my table for MOP’s.  So I feel like I need to support her and try to be her friend.  Despite how difficult it is.

So at 10 am I get a phone call asking if I want to go to the zoo.  I wanted to say no, but it is a beautiful day so I asked what time.  “Oh, I’m not one of those moms that needs to be there right at 9 when it opens.  So you tell me.”  (uh, yes, the zoo actually opens at 10 and it is now 10)  I suggested that she give me 30 mins to finish up with Hannah, and then we could meet about 11.  “Oh, that’s right you’re doing that (that?) Actually, what time is it now?  I don’t even know.”  (What?!)   Uh, it’s 10.   “Ohh….oh!  Well, maybe you should push it back to 11:30.  Yeah, I think I could be out of the house by 11:30.”  (Wait a minute, when did this become my schedule planning, and are you planning on being out of the house by 11:30 or at the zoo at 11:30)  “Actually, Jen.  Why don’t you call me at 11:00 and I’ll let you know how things are going and if we’re going to be able to make it”   (???!!!!????)   Uh, okay.    So at 11, I left my house and called her from the road….and she arrived at the zoo at 11:45.

And there was much screaming and shouting and yelling of names.  And oh, yeah, the spitting.  And the throwing of the hat over the bridge and many long drawn out explanations of why Mommy was not going to buy him a new one or climb down to get it out…..followed by her going and climbing down the creekside 10 mins later….

Yeah…..maybe it at least counted for mental exercise….


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  1. Posted by Sister in Sweat on April 12, 2011 at 10:59 am

    AHHHH!!! What a frustrating day! At least you got some exercise in! Let’s look on the bright side right? And holding your tongue has got to count for something, after all, it is the strongest muscle in your body!


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