Day 11/30

Important news bulletin for the readers of “Nice and Sweaty”  this just in:  The author just showered for the second time in 18 hours.  I repeat: 2 times in 18 hours.  Stay tuned for further updates.

I was motivated today!  I don’t know if it was gale force winds outside my window, the two loads of laundry I had folded,  Grays Anatomy on the computer, the thought that the kids would be dying eggs at someone elses house….not sure.  But I was going gang busters today!

1.0% incline  Walking @ 3.0-3.3 mph.
Ran two 0.25 miles @ 5.5 mph, 0.10 @ 6.0, and 0.15 @ 6.0

total: 3.1 miles    00:52     Felt great!

Of course, it’s a little embarrassing to note that S.I.S. can run a 5K in less than 1/2 that time…but who cares!  It’s the destination, not the journey, I’m on my way to! 

ps.  I can certainly feel Wednesday’s workout today.  Sitting down and standing up are quite…rewarding?  In a strange way?  As are any rotating motions of the torso.


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  1. Posted by Sister in Sweat on April 21, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    What do you mean I can run a 5K in 1/2 that time? Maybe “have” or “used to” but right now I’m just going to try to “finish” a 5K in two weeks! Yikes, I better walk at least once before then!


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