Days 17 and 18

 Friday – Day 17.

I had a very motivated day.  I was going to up the incline and hopefully, sweat off some pounds!  So the incline was set at 2.0% and I was off! 

A nice warm up @ 3.0, walking at 3.3-3.5…which is really hard (for me) to maintain long term at that incline.  I even threw in 0.25 mi at 5.5 at that incline.  Ugg.  After 47 mins I had reached 2.75 miles…and I was, say it with me, Nice and Sweaty.  🙂

This deserved a true cool down.  So I did 5 minutes and 0.25 mile @ 1%.  

Good enough for me!

Saturday – Day 18

I was feeling great!  Warm up, fast paced walk, ran 1/4 mile at 5.5, was at .18 of the second quarter mile…when it happened.  No, I did not pee all the way into my socks, GG.  No, BabyBoy woke up.  And it was not a day where I was going to be able to leave him in there for the next few minutes while I finished up.  No, this little boy was fit to be tied! 

So I got him up, and set him and his blankie on the floor in front of the treadmill.  This freaks me out but I really really really wanted to finish the work out, especially the rest of the 2nd 1/4.  So with anxious thoughts of tangled blankies, or worse, tangled babies.  I pressed on and finished the 1/4 mile. 

At this point, I only had about 2.5 mins left to reach 30 mins.  So I caved to the sad little face, picked him up and finished at a slow 2.8.  Although, I’m not sure it counts as a cool down.  Huffing and puffing was the name of the game with 30 pounds in my arms! 

Day 18?  Check!  Even if I only got 1.82 miles total.  🙂


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  1. Posted by Garden Gnome on April 24, 2011 at 8:58 pm

    After skyping with you on Saturday evening. I did work out. Gotta keep up with you. Did 5 miles with Leslie, 2 with weights and 1 boosted walking the whole mile. N&S!


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