Day 28/30

Seriously?!  28 days!  I’ve worked out every day almost every day for the past month!  I’ll have to go back and see when I started the challenge, but I’m excited that I’ve actually stuck with it.  Now, the pile of laundry and the dust bunnies in the bathrooms would prove that naptime has become exercise time, instead of cleaning time.  But I’m okay with that.  If I live healthier and longer with my kids, I’m sure I’ll catch up on the housework eventually.

In honor of S.I.S. and Sassy’s 5K on Wednesday, I decided to do my own.  Of course, if I had decided to go for it from the get-go, my 5 min slow warm up at the beginning would have been a little faster, and my  overall time faster.

I always start with 5 mins at 3.0 which comes to a quarter of a mile.  But I’ve found that if I don’t do those 5 mins, my shin splints really kick in.  I did run two 1/4 miles (5.5) in the middle to try and catch up.  I imagined Sassy in front of me and the little comments he would make if I let a man pushing a stroller beat me…not to mention the preggo!  😉

So I finished the 3.1 miles in 51 mins flat.  Not too shabby if you figure in the quarter mile (of course, I know that S.I.S. had crowds to deal with too.)  I then switched shows and cooled down for another 9 mins to finish with an even 60 mins and 3.51 miles.    Woo hoo!

It looks like I started the 30/30 Day Challenge on April 4th.  So with today being the 6th, and being on day 28, not too shabby!


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  1. Posted by Grandma Sue on May 6, 2011 at 9:21 pm

    Wow 60 minutes! I did 36 with Leslie this morning. And then I went to breakfast with B, M, and L. A breakfast buffet! It is now 9:15 at night and I am just beginning to feel like that huge mass in my stomach is going away! I think it was that last cream cheese pastry that did me in! Why do we do this to our bodies? I could have easily done without the tamale, that last bread and the breaded cauliflower!


  2. Posted by Sister in Sweat on May 24, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    Oh, if only you knew the comments Sassy was making! Especially towards the end when I was really starting to slow down! Amazing what 3 weeks can do. 3 weeks ago I walked a 5K and felt pretty good until later that night (at which point I could hardly move); Saturday night I waddled around the park and thought I might die on the way home. Good thing I had some ice cream first to revive me!


  3. Posted by Sister in Sweat on May 24, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    Garden Gnome: I think everyone in the world could do without breaded cauliflower!


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