30 Day Stats

Total miles – 66.12 miles – an average of about 2 miles each day

Total time – 20.3 hours – an average of about 40 mins each day

Total strength training – three times (need to work on that)

Total “cross training” –  two maybe three times (swimming, yard work, cleaning)

Total Weight loss – 7 pounds.  I think it might actually be more than that.  I was keeping track, but then I fell off the wagon.  But according to the last weight entered in my phone (Feb 26th) it’s 7 pounds.  Not too shabby! 

Of course, all these numbers are estimates.  And not really the point.

I feel so much healthier.  I feel less sluggish (and slug-like!)

I feel like the kids have seen that Mom makes exercising a priority.

So…what’s next.

After looking at my stats, I think I need to incorporate more strength traing into what I’m doing.  (You mean carrying 30 pounds of screaming toddler around doesn’t count?) 

So here’s the next challenge.  30 days total, 30 mins each time, and adding in 3 days of strength training each Sun-Sat period. 

Can anyone come up with a catchy name for this new challenge?  30/30+3?  It’s kind of a mouthful, suggestions?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by GardenGnome on May 12, 2011 at 10:05 am

    I can’t think of a better name, but would recommend doing Aunt B’s strength and toning. It is a nice all over training and doesn’t seem to “get old” for me.

    Good job on completing your goal! As one of my favorite people says, “Not too shabby!”


  2. Posted by Sister in Sweat on May 24, 2011 at 2:42 pm

    Congrats! 7# in 30 days is awesome! Especially when you’re heading down instead of up like me! 🙂 And I love that that’s not your main goal, but that you are just feeling better and showing your family what a healthy lifestyle is. According to our bible study, if you exercise and watch what you eat, just to lose weight, you’ll eventually reach your goal weight and go back up. Or just get discouraged if it doesn’t happen. But if your true focus is to be healthier in order to be able to do the things God has set out for you, you’ll be able to keep the motivation going. Anyway, way to go! And I definitely agree on adding the strength training. It’s not necessarily my favorite thing, but seems to show more results than just aerobics.


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