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Crickets chirping….

What? You mean you thought I had forgotten this little blog? Nah….just too busy lazy to update.

Been having a difficult time with my “middle man” lately, in fact he’s currently in time out…again. But earlier today he was pushing e.v.e.r.y one’s buttons. So I put him in my bed until he I could settle down.

But now what could I do without my treadmill? Leslie Sansone to the rescue! The Peanut walked a lovely 3 miles with me, and I felt much better….until he got out of bed…

Calgon! Take me away! (or take him away…)


THAT’s what a lunge is supposed to look like?

Oh, my.   I know I’m going to be sore tomorrow.

I started with a little Cindy, well, I thought it was going to be a little. Her “Tank Top Arms” starts out quite deceptively. And then progresses into the the depths of despair with abs. Oh.My.Goodness. I died.

60 Jumping Jacks

Then 10 lunges, each side. So I thought, “Are these standing lunges, or where you walk and lunge? Let’s YouTube it.” First Mistake.

According to that, I’m not sure I’ve done a real lunge….ever? And how to people do those super quickly but correctly?

Anyhow, I’m going to be sore tomorrow.

Oh dear.

Well.  It appears the place I will be updating from is the bathroom while supervising bathtime. 

We left off with a workout after which my husband forbid me to continue using the treadmill.  Something about large gaping holes now being safe to walk much less run on…..blah, blah, blah.

The belt has been replaced (thanks to my handy coin nerd) but in the mean time the water park has opened so my work outs have consisted of carrying a raft and toddler up the steps only to walk back down and repeat…what can I say, I’m a good mommy!  Of course this is followed by hanging onto two boys in the wave pool (I think my anxious heart gets a workout there)  but ahhhhh there’s also the lazy river.  Baby Boy’s and my personal favorite.

But this morning I decided instead of sitting and sweating during swim lessons, I might as well be getting N&S.  So BB and I got a nice 1.3 miles in…of course we won’t mention how ling it took.  I’ll just use the excuse that I’m used to air conditioned comfort and no toddler to push.  Maybe we’ll get faster over the next four weeks.  🙂 

Days 13 – 14 – 15/30

And you thought I fell off the wagon!  Pshaw!  I didn’t!  I just didn’t ever sit down and write about it.

So this will be quick. 

Sunday, Day 13 –  MiddleMan and BabyBoy wanted to go for a walk while Daddy and Peanut were off stuffing Easter Eggs (and that’s a whole nuther story…).  So I got out the stroller, MM got out his scooter, and we headed off.   I expected a “once around the pond” 1.2 miles.  But no!  He didn’t want to go all the way around because “that would take too long!”  So I let him lead the way.  We zig zagged through the  ‘hood, stopped at a friend’s (not home), petted about 7 dogs, took a picture by a patrol car (“Mom!  I’ve never been so close to a police car!”) and finally made our way home.    MapMyRun figured it at 2.56 miles, so I think that counts as 30 mins, although it took about 70!

Monday, Day 14 – I did S.I.S’s trifecta with Ms. Whitmarsh.  Oh, my aching buns.  Yes, I was N&S when done.  😉

Tuesday, Day 15 – Private Practice was the show of choice.
2.6 miles in 46 mins, 1.5% incline and speeds from 3.0 to 3.6 

Boo yah!  I’m half way done.  Honestly, I feel great!  I can’t wait to see what the last half of the challenge brings me!

Day 9/30

Hey, I’m almost  1/3 of the way through this challenge!  How cool is that!

I took a page from the S.I.S. today and did her Cindy Series.  Actually works out to about 35-40 mins I think.

The Booty, the Guts, and the Guns.  😉

Starting the week out right!

I got up to do the 2-mile Family Walk with Leslie.  But they must have cut out portions because the time at the bottom wasn’t matching up with real time.  And about 2 mins into the 2nd mile, we were starting to cool down.  😦  Disappointing.

So I did my 6 pack with Cindy!  Ah.  She always kills me in the last two minutes!

Just not in the mood..

I just wasn’t in the mood to see Jillian this morning.  Or do jumping jacks

So instead, Cindy and I hung out.  And by hung out, I mean work out, and by work out I mean groan and sweat.  Can I just say how much I hate doing the bicycle move?  UUUUuuuuggggghhhhh..