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Crickets chirping….

What? You mean you thought I had forgotten this little blog? Nah….just too busy lazy to update.

Been having a difficult time with my “middle man” lately, in fact he’s currently in time out…again. But earlier today he was pushing e.v.e.r.y one’s buttons. So I put him in my bed until he I could settle down.

But now what could I do without my treadmill? Leslie Sansone to the rescue! The Peanut walked a lovely 3 miles with me, and I felt much better….until he got out of bed…

Calgon! Take me away! (or take him away…)


Starting the week out right!

I got up to do the 2-mile Family Walk with Leslie.  But they must have cut out portions because the time at the bottom wasn’t matching up with real time.  And about 2 mins into the 2nd mile, we were starting to cool down.  😦  Disappointing.

So I did my 6 pack with Cindy!  Ah.  She always kills me in the last two minutes!

Got up early!

Got up early and did my 2 miles with Leslie. 

Now if only I could get motivated to go clean my kitchen.

And if only Little Man would fall asleep!  I laid him down at 11:30 and he’s still rolling around in there.  Arg.