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The Force is strong with this one.

So, we’ve started our adventures in potty training. Ugh. House bound for three days at least.

And may I just say, 4 hours in and I’m ready to give up?

little Man (for if hes potty training we can no longer call him Baby Boy) woke up quite late for him at 8:40. Wet diaper, onto the toilet…nothing. Throw on a pull up, run Middle Man to preschool.

9:15 – toilet…nothing, quick breakfast, followed by wet pull-up, toilet – nothing. Put on training pants.

9:25 – hear a grunt from the toy room, great, our first poopy pants. Slight amount of pee in the pants. Put on a clean pair.

At this point we’re setting a timer for every 10 minutes…do you know what a hassle that is? To stop homeschooling every ten minutes? And NOTHING!! Nada, zilch, nothing!!

12:30 – 10, yes count them, TEN drops. Seriously?! Fine, have a stinking smartie.

12:45 – Claims to be ah’ dun with lunch. Take off his tray. WET. Down to his ankles.

I tell you, the Force is strong in this one … Stubborn I tell you!