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The Peanut and I have been doing long addition with carrying into the tens/hundreds/thousands for about a month now, and some fractions.  The math curriculum we’re using is really intensive about the basics so we’ve been hammering math facts for a l.o.n.g. time. 

Today she says, while working on a non complicated long subraction problem, “Will, I ever get to do, you know, a problem where I have to carry backwards?  You know, cause the number is too big?”   Jaw drop.  Why yes, yes we can.  Let’s move ahead 15 lessons. 

Same day in geography.  Talking/reading about Brazil.  “The lowest temperature ever recorded in Brazil is 50 degrees F.”  She interrupts, “Those poor kids, they never get to see snow.”  

I’m sure none of this is sheer brilliance or genius.  But it is little windows into her brain that I would miss if I weren’t the person teaching her.



Middle man – Mom! Did you know there is one kind of fly that is the worst.  (Nodding his head very seriously.)  It is the Cici’s fly…you know, like, the brownie place?  And it gives you the seasons disease!  And…(pauses for dramatic effect) there is one in our kitchen!! you mean sleeping disease?

Yes!!  And it is flying around!!

Honey, they only have those across the ocean in Africa.

….Uncle Buddy is in Africa?

At which point The Peanut steps in and gives him a geography lesson using toothbrushes for continents.  :+)  (oh no!!  Is that a fly on my nose??!!)


As I was doing dishes today, MiddleMan walked through the kitchen,

“….here we sit like birds in the wilderness, waiting for our friends.  Waiting for our friends, waiting for our friends.  Here we sit like birds in the wilderness, waiting for our friends.”

You could have picked my jaw up off the floor.  (Have I sung that? I don’t think I’ve sung that…when would I have sung that?  And I’ve never used “for our friends….”

Uh, Buddy?  Yeah.   Where did you hear that song?  Oh, we sing in when our friends aren’t lining up quickly and obeying.  Mrs. F…. likes it.   Oh…good to know. 




“MiddleMan“!! (Slightly whinny) You scared me!!
(Then slightly impressed)  Now ~that~ was a good scare!!


“MiddleMan” certainly comes up with some doozies!

Overheard from the backseat of the van last night.  “Turn left….then go straight on.  Mommy?  Sometimes I like to pretend I’m a GPS.”

While watching an ad for Disney World:  “The place where dreams come true?!  I have lots of dreams!  Like almost 100 of them!”