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Crickets chirping….

What? You mean you thought I had forgotten this little blog? Nah….just too busy lazy to update.

Been having a difficult time with my “middle man” lately, in fact he’s currently in time out…again. But earlier today he was pushing e.v.e.r.y one’s buttons. So I put him in my bed until he I could settle down.

But now what could I do without my treadmill? Leslie Sansone to the rescue! The Peanut walked a lovely 3 miles with me, and I felt much better….until he got out of bed…

Calgon! Take me away! (or take him away…)


THAT’s what a lunge is supposed to look like?

Oh, my.   I know I’m going to be sore tomorrow.

I started with a little Cindy, well, I thought it was going to be a little. Her “Tank Top Arms” starts out quite deceptively. And then progresses into the the depths of despair with abs. Oh.My.Goodness. I died.

60 Jumping Jacks

Then 10 lunges, each side. So I thought, “Are these standing lunges, or where you walk and lunge? Let’s YouTube it.” First Mistake.

According to that, I’m not sure I’ve done a real lunge….ever? And how to people do those super quickly but correctly?

Anyhow, I’m going to be sore tomorrow.

Week 2, Day 1

Well, it’s late so this will be short.

This was the first time on the treadmill with all three kids awake. It went pretty well. I put up the baby gate to keep out Baby Boy, who by the way doesn’t look so much like a baby after I cut off all his floppy curls :-(. There were a few little scuffles that needed resolving but for the most part it went fine.

The fort built out of folding chairs and an old dust ruffle certainly helped. And now there are two kids sleeping happily in it. :-). Yes, on a school night, we’re crazy like that when Daddy’s out of town!