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Sad but true

Yes, it’s true.  A mom (maybe any woman?) will eat a random combination of things just to get rid of left overs.

Case in point, my lunch.   You would think it was a delicious salad…until you hear what’s in it.

1.  Spinach – purchased about 10 days ago for a recipe, holding up surprisingly well, but starting to get a little wilted.

2.  A child’s apple – the apples I bought last time were massive.  So much that we’re splitting apples three ways.  This salad contained the remnants of a child that couldn’t finish their 1/3.  And no, I didn’t cut off the bite marks.

3.  Cubed BBQ chicken – also a left over, from making BBQ chicken pizza for my husband.  A questionable addition to the salad, but turned out not to be that bad!

And yes, I even ate it in the casserole dish so I wouldn’t get another dish dirty!


I’m not dead, I’m just a busy mom

I know I haven’t posted much, but I promise I’ve been working out.

It’s just that things like the following tend to get in the way of posting.

1.  Still no idea what brought this on.  Viral exanthem?  Allergic reaction? Mono?  I just don’t want to see it ever again!

2.  Sewing Halloween costumes.  Hopefully that dress will fit her again next year because that was an awful lot of gathering and setting in of sleeves!

3.  T-ball practices, games, and end of year parties.   Thank goodness for a dedicated Coin Nerd Daddy because this N&S Momma only made it to one afternoon game and the final game of the year.  Working 12 Saturdays in a row is too many!

4.  A feisty 2 year-old (who refused to wear the batting helmet correctly in this picture).  Can I still call him my baby boy without his beautiful curls? 

But if you click on my Daily Mile link on the side, you’ll see that I’ve been sticking to the Couch to 5K program.  Slowly but surely I’m getting it back!  🙂

I’ve also completed the Beginner Level of the workout I linked to earlier as well.  I’m not sure it’s a very scientific progression in the work out, but it gives me something to check out and be accountable to.  Level 1, here I come!  (well, actually I’m already 6 days in)

Working out while working…

I find that the days I work at the job that gives me a financial paycheck, I have a hard time fitting in a work out.  Granted, I’m on my feet all day while at work, but I don’t always feel like it’s a true workout.  Maybe if I got a pedometer I would feel differently….hmmm…a pedometer…

Anyway, I found a new workout source for those busy days.   Seriously, if I don’t have time to do this, then I don’t have time to eat or shower or…so.  These will be the “I have to work today” plan.  I know they’re not an intense work out, but they’re better than nothing.  And let’s face it, I always do better if I have something to check off.

Turkey Trot

Well, S.I.S and I have decided to do a Turkey trot when she’s here at Thanksgiving.

So, the treadmill unfolded, Grey’s Anatomy cued up on the computer, and off I went.

Week 1, Day 1 of Couch to 5K completed.

Nice and Sweaty is back! (and she’s sweaty. 😉 )

MIA Again…

Fear not, oh dedicated readers (what, all 3 of you?) I have not fallen off the face of the earth.  It’s just that between VBS, swimming lessons, gymnastics x2, art class, DAB…well, I’m busy!   

 Nor have I fallen off the bandwagon!  In fact, I’ve started getting up at the un-Godly hour of 5:45am to walk with a friend.

It’s been great.  We are both chatty people so we have to watch our pace, but it’s great to have that social time.  It reminds me of walking with the GardenGnome in the mornings.  🙂

In fact, she would be so proud, this morning I even shared a strange dream I had last night!  🙂  The tradition continues.

Well, back to work….


Well, I haven’t been keeping up with this little blog very well have I?

But I have been keeping up with my exercising and watching what I eat.  So I’ll have to backtrack using my DailyMile and see if I can remember what I did each day.

Today Coin Nerd (let’s just change his name, it was feeling a little creepy calling him “Daddy”) worked from home because he was leaving for an umpiring tournament.  Yes, again.  But we’re in state tournament playoffs right now so that means the end is in sight…at least, for the high school season.  Oh well, raising kids means bills need to be paid.  

Where was I….oh yeah, CN worked from home instead of heading into the office and making the drive back since the crew was leaving from here.  He took The Peanut to breakfast with him too.  It’s nice for them to have some time together.  Then I loaed up all 3 kiddos and headed to the park for MiddleMan’s last hurrah with this year’s class.  We played (well, I chased BabyBoy and chatted with the other moms) until about 11:30 and then came home.  The Peanut was going around collecting bird feathers off the ground, and apparantly found a whole carcass at one point.  Thank goodness for calm preschool teachers and moms because I think I would have puked had I been the one to catch her with it!

Wait…were you wanting to hear about my work out!?  Oh, sorry.  I decided I’m going to try to do a 5K once a week.  So this week’s 5K came to 46 mins!  I was pretty happy with that, I was able to run three 0.25 miles and one 0.38 miles during the 3.1.  I finished it out for a total of 3.25 in 50 mins. 

Continuing education meeting tonight on MRSA, excitement, excitement.  Work tomorrow and Saturday, Coin Nerd should be back Saturday afternoon.  If it’s nice, maybe Peanut and I will hit the water park.  MiddleMan still hasn’t recieved his consequence for last Friday’s antics, did I tell you about that?  I’ll have to look back. 

Off to dig through Daily Mile and maybe chat with the Limey, he left me waiting yesterday!


Well, nothing happened today.  Well, I won’t say nothing happened.  Because with three kids, there’s always something.  Daddy was still gone to Chicago.  His third trip in 3 weeks, and all to Chicago.  Weird.  Couple that with baseball season, and we’re not seeing a whole lot of him at supper time these days. 

MiddleMan got dropped off at preschool – and then we were off to the races.  Grocery shopping, library run, home schooling, lunch – – – followed by me crashing on the bed.  This stomach bug has taken a lot out of me (not that the late nights with Daddy gone have had anything to do with that.)  I woke up 45 mins later and felt much better, but had ruined any chance of a nap time work out.  😦

Well, at least I’m not taking in many calories these days!