Week 3, Day 1

I’m up to Week 3, Day 1.  I think it was 2 rotations of 1.5 min run, 1.5 min rest (walk), 3 min run, 3 min rest.

As you know, I usually watch a show while I run, and usually power walk after the prescribed work-out until the end of the show (~45 mins).  Well, I was squeezing a work out in today and I was pleasantly surprised how fast that makes it. 

25 mins.  Flat.  Surely I have 25 mins in my day that I can devote to exercise.  How much time in a day do I waste with email, texts, phone calls….and since the treadmill is right in my bedroom I might as well just admit to the fact that I’m simply lazy.  I don’t need to factor in a drive to a gym and changing clothes is negigible.  (no, S.I.S….not a negligee…)

But the longer workouts do make my DailyMile milage look a lot better.  🙂  And I did miss the distraction of McSteamy, or the schemes on Revenge, or the mysteries…..but I was trying to work with the Peanut on homeschool lessons at the same time…yes, I know, I should have been giving her my full attention, but between getting breakfasts and lunches ready, getting LittleMan ready for Harvest Festival (not a puppy this year, a Labrador (huge difference in his mind)), keeping BabyBoy happy, working from 1-6pm, CE from 6:30-10pm…what’s a girl to do?

….get up earlier?!  You must be crazy!  🙂


Week 2, Day 1

Well, it’s late so this will be short.

This was the first time on the treadmill with all three kids awake. It went pretty well. I put up the baby gate to keep out Baby Boy, who by the way doesn’t look so much like a baby after I cut off all his floppy curls :-(. There were a few little scuffles that needed resolving but for the most part it went fine.

The fort built out of folding chairs and an old dust ruffle certainly helped. And now there are two kids sleeping happily in it. :-). Yes, on a school night, we’re crazy like that when Daddy’s out of town!

Day 3 of C2-5K

Yesterday I wasn’t able to work out during the day.  I was working about an hour away from home, so I left the house about 7 and didn’t get home until 6:30.  Followed by dinner, a quick drive to the sitter’s to retrieve a forgotten blankie, kids into bed…well, it meant I didn’t hop onto the treadmill until 8:15pm. 

Can I just say I hate working out at night?  (I know, I know, the Garden Gnome will say you shouldn’t hate anything…) But I really do.  You get all sweaty, all worked up.   But I really needed to stay on course with C2-5K, so off I went.   Private Practice was the show of record. 

I don’t really remember what my whole milage was (you can check the DailyMile link).   I was scheduled for run 60 seconds, walk 60 seconds for 8 rounds with warm up ahead of time.  Of course, I always have to walk extra at the end to finish out the show.  🙂

Today I had to squeeze in a quickie (aaaaahhh, get your mind out the gutter….)  Hannah was working on some math programs on the computer and again, smart phone to the rescue.  I found Cindy’s Ab workout on YouTube and another 10 minute glutes focused workout by her.  I’m looking forward to some happy aching tomorrow!

Working out while working…

I find that the days I work at the job that gives me a financial paycheck, I have a hard time fitting in a work out.  Granted, I’m on my feet all day while at work, but I don’t always feel like it’s a true workout.  Maybe if I got a pedometer I would feel differently….hmmm…a pedometer…

Anyway, I found a new workout source for those busy days.   http://downtownn.tumblr.com/post/2851430465   Seriously, if I don’t have time to do this, then I don’t have time to eat or shower or…so.  These will be the “I have to work today” plan.  I know they’re not an intense work out, but they’re better than nothing.  And let’s face it, I always do better if I have something to check off.

Day 3

Well, yesterday I spent an enjoyable 28 minutes with Aunt Bonnie.  “Control the weights, don’t let the weights control you.  Don’t fling it!”  And as S.I.S. pointed out, it makes a lot of sense without the “s” too.  

I really need to pick up some new weights though, I’m making enchilada’s tonight, so my cans will be empty.  🙂  And GG will be happy to know that I held a downwards plank for 33 seconds, the Coin Nerd wasn’t around to check my form, so that’s up in the air.

However, my early morning (1:30 am) jolt out of bed, reminded me that I haven’t been doing many ab workouts.

Today brought Week 1, Day 2 of C2-5K.   The show for the day was a new one, “Revenge” on ABC.

  Show image

Seems interesting, it certainly made the time fly by.

S.I.S. and I have settled on the Arlington Turkey Trot,

so all we need to do now is register!

Turkey Trot

Well, S.I.S and I have decided to do a Turkey trot when she’s here at Thanksgiving.

So, the treadmill unfolded, Grey’s Anatomy cued up on the computer, and off I went.

Week 1, Day 1 of Couch to 5K completed.

Nice and Sweaty is back! (and she’s sweaty. 😉 )

MIA Again…

Fear not, oh dedicated readers (what, all 3 of you?) I have not fallen off the face of the earth.  It’s just that between VBS, swimming lessons, gymnastics x2, art class, DAB…well, I’m busy!   

 Nor have I fallen off the bandwagon!  In fact, I’ve started getting up at the un-Godly hour of 5:45am to walk with a friend.

It’s been great.  We are both chatty people so we have to watch our pace, but it’s great to have that social time.  It reminds me of walking with the GardenGnome in the mornings.  🙂

In fact, she would be so proud, this morning I even shared a strange dream I had last night!  🙂  The tradition continues.

Well, back to work….