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Crickets chirping….

What? You mean you thought I had forgotten this little blog? Nah….just too busy lazy to update.

Been having a difficult time with my “middle man” lately, in fact he’s currently in time out…again. But earlier today he was pushing e.v.e.r.y one’s buttons. So I put him in my bed until he I could settle down.

But now what could I do without my treadmill? Leslie Sansone to the rescue! The Peanut walked a lovely 3 miles with me, and I felt much better….until he got out of bed…

Calgon! Take me away! (or take him away…)


Pond with kids

We did our usual meander around the pond this evening plus one of the dogs.  Who almost pulled Little Man in when going for a little drink and a swim.  ~ rolling of eyes ~

The best part though was watching the  ducks, three males, one female.   “Mom!!  They’re being mean to her! …… Mom!! Mom!!! They’re trying to drown her!! Save her! Save her!!”