The Force is strong with this one.

So, we’ve started our adventures in potty training. Ugh. House bound for three days at least.

And may I just say, 4 hours in and I’m ready to give up?

little Man (for if hes potty training we can no longer call him Baby Boy) woke up quite late for him at 8:40. Wet diaper, onto the toilet…nothing. Throw on a pull up, run Middle Man to preschool.

9:15 – toilet…nothing, quick breakfast, followed by wet pull-up, toilet – nothing. Put on training pants.

9:25 – hear a grunt from the toy room, great, our first poopy pants. Slight amount of pee in the pants. Put on a clean pair.

At this point we’re setting a timer for every 10 minutes…do you know what a hassle that is? To stop homeschooling every ten minutes? And NOTHING!! Nada, zilch, nothing!!

12:30 – 10, yes count them, TEN drops. Seriously?! Fine, have a stinking smartie.

12:45 – Claims to be ah’ dun with lunch. Take off his tray. WET. Down to his ankles.

I tell you, the Force is strong in this one … Stubborn I tell you!


Crickets chirping….

What? You mean you thought I had forgotten this little blog? Nah….just too busy lazy to update.

Been having a difficult time with my “middle man” lately, in fact he’s currently in time out…again. But earlier today he was pushing e.v.e.r.y one’s buttons. So I put him in my bed until he I could settle down.

But now what could I do without my treadmill? Leslie Sansone to the rescue! The Peanut walked a lovely 3 miles with me, and I felt much better….until he got out of bed…

Calgon! Take me away! (or take him away…)


The Peanut and I have been doing long addition with carrying into the tens/hundreds/thousands for about a month now, and some fractions.  The math curriculum we’re using is really intensive about the basics so we’ve been hammering math facts for a l.o.n.g. time. 

Today she says, while working on a non complicated long subraction problem, “Will, I ever get to do, you know, a problem where I have to carry backwards?  You know, cause the number is too big?”   Jaw drop.  Why yes, yes we can.  Let’s move ahead 15 lessons. 

Same day in geography.  Talking/reading about Brazil.  “The lowest temperature ever recorded in Brazil is 50 degrees F.”  She interrupts, “Those poor kids, they never get to see snow.”  

I’m sure none of this is sheer brilliance or genius.  But it is little windows into her brain that I would miss if I weren’t the person teaching her.

Sad but true

Yes, it’s true.  A mom (maybe any woman?) will eat a random combination of things just to get rid of left overs.

Case in point, my lunch.   You would think it was a delicious salad…until you hear what’s in it.

1.  Spinach – purchased about 10 days ago for a recipe, holding up surprisingly well, but starting to get a little wilted.

2.  A child’s apple – the apples I bought last time were massive.  So much that we’re splitting apples three ways.  This salad contained the remnants of a child that couldn’t finish their 1/3.  And no, I didn’t cut off the bite marks.

3.  Cubed BBQ chicken – also a left over, from making BBQ chicken pizza for my husband.  A questionable addition to the salad, but turned out not to be that bad!

And yes, I even ate it in the casserole dish so I wouldn’t get another dish dirty!

I’m not dead, I’m just a busy mom

I know I haven’t posted much, but I promise I’ve been working out.

It’s just that things like the following tend to get in the way of posting.

1.  Still no idea what brought this on.  Viral exanthem?  Allergic reaction? Mono?  I just don’t want to see it ever again!

2.  Sewing Halloween costumes.  Hopefully that dress will fit her again next year because that was an awful lot of gathering and setting in of sleeves!

3.  T-ball practices, games, and end of year parties.   Thank goodness for a dedicated Coin Nerd Daddy because this N&S Momma only made it to one afternoon game and the final game of the year.  Working 12 Saturdays in a row is too many!

4.  A feisty 2 year-old (who refused to wear the batting helmet correctly in this picture).  Can I still call him my baby boy without his beautiful curls? 

But if you click on my Daily Mile link on the side, you’ll see that I’ve been sticking to the Couch to 5K program.  Slowly but surely I’m getting it back!  🙂

I’ve also completed the Beginner Level of the workout I linked to earlier as well.  I’m not sure it’s a very scientific progression in the work out, but it gives me something to check out and be accountable to.  Level 1, here I come!  (well, actually I’m already 6 days in)

THAT’s what a lunge is supposed to look like?

Oh, my.   I know I’m going to be sore tomorrow.

I started with a little Cindy, well, I thought it was going to be a little. Her “Tank Top Arms” starts out quite deceptively. And then progresses into the the depths of despair with abs. Oh.My.Goodness. I died.

60 Jumping Jacks

Then 10 lunges, each side. So I thought, “Are these standing lunges, or where you walk and lunge? Let’s YouTube it.” First Mistake.

According to that, I’m not sure I’ve done a real lunge….ever? And how to people do those super quickly but correctly?

Anyhow, I’m going to be sore tomorrow.

Day 2, week 3

Typing this on the good old iPad so this will probably be short and sweet.

Today was a busy day. We were having friends over for lunch after church so actually I should start with yesterday.

I joined a food co-op and had picked up my first order of chicken. Click here to read more about it. 40 pounds of meat that needed to be repackaged, marinated, grilled, chopped. So the kitchen was a disaster…well, really the whole house was. So after dinner and kids to bed, I started cleaning. I had already put in 5 hours at work, 2 at the ball field, 3 cooking….so 3 hours of cleaning later I was glad to be done….yes, it was that messy. And I needed to disinfect everything after so much raw chicken.

So I actually set the table for lunch last night so it was one last thing to do. Breakfast, church, lunch with friends with a great meal served by my dear coin nerd. Idea courtesy of my favorite Fireman. Now known as “Fiesta chicken” according to their menu.

Clean up from lunch, help the Coin Nerd pack (yes, leaving me again), play with kids, serve supper, read books, bedtime….ahhh.

Wait. You mean I actually still have to work out?! The “beginner work out” that linked to in a previous post had jogging in place for 15 minutes. Seemed like only something a Garden Gnome would do, so I tread milled it instead. I was supposed to be doing Day 2, same routine as Day 1, but I set the mph lower and just jogged to 15 mins. It felt awesome! Except for the two fire ant bites that I got at Saturday’s ball game (plug your ears, Limey, nah nah nah nah) that are right under my bra line….arg!!!!!!! And the fact that I was N&S at 9 o’clock at night. Yuck.

What? I said this was going to be short and sweet? Well, I guess I’m the only short and sweet thing around here (collective “awwwww“).

Happy running!!